>Mane magnificence

Hair: beard, bristle, cilium, coiffure, cowlick, cut, down, eyebrow, eyelash, feeler, fiber, filament, fluff, fringe, frizzies*, fur, grass, haircut, hairstyle, lock, mane, mop*, moustache, pez, quill, ruff, shock, sideburn, split ends, strand, thatch, thread, tress, tuft, vibrissa, villus, whiskers, wig, wool

Whatever you call it, a good haircut is one of the treats a girl can’t fail to afford herself. I was spoilt and impressed at MOOI in Tamboerskloof. Luxurious wall paper, chandeliers, antique frames, french music, tea served in a vintage tea set with a gorgeous cupcake (which I forgot to eat because Andret, the owner, and I were talking so much!). Also forgot to take a photo, but just yesterday I found this old barber shop shot. It’s an art. Try MOOI for yourself: Shop 3, Kloofnek Road, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, 021 423 6553.