>Genius designer


While being interviewed and applying for full-time jobs is on my mind and my schedule (one can’t be a professional intern forever, I hope), Beau Bergeron caught my attention. His blog is so fascinating with lots of very cool design work and ideas. His latest posting shows these sketch books he found while packing his things in his parents’ houses to move to Chicago. I keep a very half-hearted attempt at a visual diary and I wish mine looked like these. Definitely look at Beau’s proposal video called “Catch the Wind” on his blog. A-m-azing.


>Bugs and bees


I am slowly teetering toward desperation for Summer. Sunday was beautiful and sunny so I took great delight in wearing a sweet dress, only to wake up to a low, grey, rainy sky yesterday. And then amidst the rain and warm comfort food, my cherry tomato squirted red juice and seeds all over my new Mungo and Jemima coat [by Coppelia]. If you haven’t been to this amazing shop on Long Street, go and enjoy the breath of fresh air of styles and fabrics. I especially love the pleated dungaree style dresses [but I opted for the Winter coat. Sigh]. The photo is courtesy of this cool blog, luckily the blogger carried her camera when she went shopping.

Speaking of seasons, I have found some ceramics that completely and utterly remind me of Spring, bugs and bees. I have recently come to know the work of South African Liesel Trautman, “a textile designer and wildlife artist, Liesel has found her niche in ceramics, working primarily in porcelain. Drawing on traditional Chinese and Victorian sources, her elegant and feminine work is nevertheless undeniably modern” [she is featured on Ceramics SA]. I especially love her black and white designs, they make me so excited for Spring.

>Good ol’ Royale

We shared a Miss Piggy burger and a Tio Victor burger last night and mmm, a Romany Cream milkshake. Cafe Royale Eatery [gourmet burger bar] is definitely, by far, my favourite restaurant and I love a drink upstairs at the Waiting Room which has the coolest retro chairs. We ate on the second floor beneath the walls covered in music sheets and the bird cages hanging from the ceiling. Too lovely. 273 Long Street, City Bowl; tel. +27 21 422 453. Today we slept in, ate strawberry yoghurt, leftover birthday cake with new friends, whipped up quiche for lunch and had family over and spent time in the sun. I love being twenty four. Thank you special people who bestowed gifts and wishes. More cappuccinos next year…

>Two dozen years old today


So, I know [and I know not to start a sentence with so]. I haven’t blogged in way too long even though I promised. Hmmm. But this week many little things have happened which make my life so much easier and my heart so warm. To list them briefly: Sunday night pancakes with caramel treat with the family, a romantic dinner with my darling at our dinner table, Heritage Day and sitting in the street drinking tea with friends in Bokaap [possibly my favourite part of Cape Town, or one of], a dear friend baking a birthday cake for me, purchasing an Apple Mac [oh my gosh. revolutionary], getting wireless at home [bloody revolutionary] and celebrating my birthday with friends over cuppacinos [thank you Noon] and cake. I have had such a bright, beautiful and glowing day and have been blessed out of my beautiful gladiator sandals. I now sit at my desk space with a beautiful white orchid watching over me. Her name is Cecilia. And a gorgeous bell jar full of pink and white marshmallows for blog sustenance. And a pewter, stunning jewellery case. Too spoilt, and that is just to name a few [I received a beautiful handbag from my love]. Anyhow, he is waiting to take me to Cafe Royale for a Miss Piggy birthday and bottle of red wine. I do want to share this with you though. Today, when I was worried about not having enough chairs for everyone at my birthday doo, I was reminded of this site I found and love, called Foldschool. Next time I am going to whip some cardboard furniture up, the green way.

>Too long she cried


It has been devastatingly long since I last posted. As you can see I took time to breathe, find my feet, and find out what I really want to do with my days on this beautiful earth. Along the way, I have found myself doing an internship at Real Simple magazine which is so, so lovely. I love the office and the people who create here. Mmm, lots of happiness to be watching the making of my favourite magazine. Life has held many little beauties in the last month…watching the pouring rain from under the duvet, indulging in chocolate cupcakes with friends, purchasing the most stunning leather gladiator sandles, braaing marshmallows, spring cleaning the apartment and lending a dress to someone who really needs it. Life tends to fly, but I found an idea that we sould jot down one wonderful thing that happened during the day and then when we feel like life has flown, we can see the details of our days. I am going to start today. And if I don’t eat the chocolate cupcake sitting on my desk then I could start a raw foods diet today too. But it’s not going to happen. Viva la cupcake. So I am officially back to the blog, and hoping to source lots of lovely local spots and goodies from now on. I have loved stocking up my visual pantry so to speak, and seen as I have been building puzzles and folding lots of paper (and my wedding invites were origami hearts), these images captured my attention in no time. The pigs are the brainchild of South African artist Rikus Ferreira and the (beautifully) folded books are found on Anthropologie.