>Victorian houses, peace, and quiet


It has been a long day, short night and lots of work kind of weekend! This morning I wound down my windows and drove through Stellenbosch and the winelands [bliss] and all the way to a beautiful country lodge in between Paarl and Franschoek to drop off all of our Miss Molly goodies for Kamersvol Geskenke, which looked beautiful. I loved getting out of town on the open road, and especially being in a garden where I easily become drunk on the scent and feel of the flowers and coolness…I miss hearing birds and lying abandoned on green grass. We live on a really busy road, and although our views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head make me feel like I have a natural playground as a garden, I still desire quiet. No cars. So tonight we started a little bit of a search for a Victorian in Obs. My heart is so excited for two bedrooms, wooden floors, a fireplace, a courtyard and plants, and a quiet road. Hold thumbs, belles.


>Mile’ton market


My [patient and amazing] love and I have hardly spent time alone in the last week. Last night we drank white wine and ate Carlyle on Derry [a very much worth it pizzeria in Vredehoek] pizza and feta foccacia on our lounge floor listening to a Lifehouse album we used to love when we were in love at highschool. Grade 11 if I am not mistaken, bless. This morning we baked double choc chip biscuits with real dark chocolate from Italy [thank you Liska] and then headed out to the Milnerton market, usually pronounced “Mile’ton” market by locals which makes me laugh!

“It’s an excellent junk and second-hand fleamarket, where you can find t-shirts, car parts, computers, used tupperware, telephones, defunct exercise machines, kitchen sets…biltong, bioplus, pancakes and ginger beer…It offers the smell of the sea, a view of Table Mountain, an industrial backdrop on the Paarden Island side and occasionally a freight train trundles by. You don’t find many of the cucumber munching hobbyists here, but they let you in even if you’ve got a tertiary education and a regular job.” They also let me in and I don’t have a regular job. We loved it and we bought a coffee pot, four sets of Jip and Janneke plastic cups, plates and bowls by Fiep Westendorp, a lovable brown leather bag with a clutch clip, a behind the door roll to keep the Vredehoek wind out from under our front door [Steve has nicknamed it the ‘long schlong’], an old Weetbix tin for my brother, and the best Bratwurst and Frankfurters we have tasted [ever] from the ‘Finest Sausage’ caravan.

ps. I read about Fiep Westendorp here first. Her illustrations are so full of life and sweet situations. I can’t wait for friends to come over and to serve lunch off these cool melamine plates. Why wait until a camping trip?

>Sew much

I wish I could have taken photos of everything Gina and I have sewn and created this weekend for Kamers. Yesterday we had a crazy busy productive day on a low dosage of sleep…and I feel like the last three days have been concentrated work and no play days, but at least we are in the business of beautiful things and so it feels so good when doing it anyway. I love Gina’s button tin. Her interesting and lovely husband’s mum gave her all sorts of old and quaint buttons. And she has a whole lot of her own too, it’s a dream. A button dream.

>Prints, patterns, aprons and cookies


Belles, I am feeling so tired and a little squeezed for time, do you know how it feels? I had a design layout test for my work application yesterday which I was so disappointed with [you know when the mind goes blank and you are trying to get it perfect and well yes, nine hours looking at the screen and just feeling like you’re missing the mark somewhat. hmph.] Anyhow, starting from right this minute after this post, I am going to be sewing, baking cookies, stitching and pasting. Our drop-off day for the products for Kamersvol is Monday and whew, ve must sew and ve must bake! So I am off, but I leave these awesome prints from A Print a Day, I haven’t shown off her illustrations in a while and was talking about them yesterday [with an awesome girl I met called Lois. Isn’t that a beautiful name? She is very, very cool with a really kind heart. Definitely peruse her very, very handsome and sweet blog The Carousel Rider…I love, and will be checking daily. She wears the most gorgeous clothes].

>Apple custard teacakes

Yesterday I sat at my computer the entire day designing a business card for a dear friend and sorting Miss Molly [I did go to a really fun pilates class, only in Cape Town can you admire Lion’s Head while you lift both legs off the floor while lying sideways, beautiful], so I decided to get my hands busy with something different and baked these apple custard teacakes for the first time. Mmm. I’d love to keep them as my own little secret, but they are too easy and too good so I have to share! Steven walked into a custard and cinnamon infused kitchen…a complete treat.

apple custard teacakes:

~ 90 g. softened butter
~ half a teaspoon vanilla extract
~ half a cup castor sugar
~ 2 eggs
~ 110 g. self raising flour
~ quarter cup custard powder
~ 2 tablespoons milk
~ I large unpeeled apple, cored and sliced thinly
~ 30 g. melted butter
~ 1 extra tablespoon castor sugar
~ half a teaspoon ground cinnamon

~ 1 tablespoon custard powder
~ 1 tablespoon castor sugar
~ half a cup milk
~ quarter teaspoon vanilla extract

make custard [heat custard powder, sugar, milk and extract in a small saucepan. stir over the heat until the mixture boils and thickens. let it cool]. preheat oven to 180 degrees. line a 12 hole muffin pan with paper cases. combine butter, extract, sugar, eggs, sifted flour and custard powder and milk in a small bowl. beat on a low speed until everything is just combined. increase the speed to medium and beat until the mixture is a paler colour. divide half the mixture into the cases. top with a teaspoon of custard. then spread the remaining mixture on top of the custard. place the apple slices on top and press them lightly. bake for 30 minutes. when they come out of the oven, brush hot cakes with butter and sprinkle the combined sugar and cinnamon.