>Road trip, yeah baby


It has been a long day which included Christmas shopping [the last of it, thank heavens] and watching a friend’s soccer match in Athlone. Then we all ate take-out and this is me squeezing in a post to tell you that tomorrow we are going on a month long road trip! Just the two of us, stopping all along the South African coast visiting family and friends, then cutting in through the Karoo and back down to the coast for Christmas with family. Wahoo! We need a holiday. So we are packing light…summer clothes, bikes, books, bibles, good tunes, surfboard, maybe the guitar, sun cream and costumes. I’ll pop in when I can. Have a lovely summer, dolls. Mmm, fresh cut grass, the smell of sun cream, ice-cream bells and warm evenings with cold wine. I love it.


>Love on a bench


I am more in love now than ever. Head over freakin heels with the man I married. Gaga. Rock sherbet in my tummy. I want love. I want a love bench. Or a porch swing one day. That is smooch inducing. The secret? Letting yourself love and be absolutely loved. Believing in it.

>Flip flip flip

How lucky am I to have downloaded an issue of Chew yesterday, only to discover that their latest issue came out today? Do not let this Tribute Issue pass you by. It is phenomenal. Really, I am in love. I chose to download the issue with the rad illustration of a tape by Frederick Peens, and I might be absorbed for a good part of the night. Wow.


>So a few interesting things happened in 1973: Pablo Picasso died, Pink Floyd released ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, the patent for the ATM was granted to Don Wetzel, Tom Barnes and George Chastain, the Concorde makes its first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic in record-breaking time, and the Yom Kippur War ended. Otherwise, I am not really sure why the couple James and Emma Emmerson named their creativity company after that specific year. I do know that they stock some really fun and retro prints, including Sukie! I love these wrapping papers [especially the robots!]:

And this notebook and address book:


I downloaded Chew, an online magazine yesterday. I’m hooked. Have a look for yourself…but I love the design, the look at identities and cultures within cultures, the edgy shoots and really interesting articles along the lines of designing, interacting, styling, experimenting and creating. It was a perfect find for today as I am in bed with flu. Bler. On top of glandular fever. Double bler. Oh, I found out about 1973 and their cool wallpapers and other products at Chew. I’ll try post some more cool ones.