I downloaded Chew, an online magazine yesterday. I’m hooked. Have a look for yourself…but I love the design, the look at identities and cultures within cultures, the edgy shoots and really interesting articles along the lines of designing, interacting, styling, experimenting and creating. It was a perfect find for today as I am in bed with flu. Bler. On top of glandular fever. Double bler. Oh, I found out about 1973 and their cool wallpapers and other products at Chew. I’ll try post some more cool ones.

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About Shelley Jane Ahrens

Welcome to my collection. I am a creative girl living in London, who loves the English language and all things design in equal measures...just how I like my hot chocolate and milk. This is where I keep a collection of my inspirations and thoughts, as well as examples of my writing and design work. I live on the Thames and I love donning wellies, making marmalade, reading lots of books and cooking, while writing, designing and making from my beautiful home.

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