>This week

>Hello dolls. Whew. It is Saturday already and I haven’t posted once this week since Monday. I want a slower life, I do, I do, but things sometimes get busy. This week was really lots of fun though. Some things that inspired or that were found:

On Tuesday I had book club, which is always a favourite night of my month. This time we had delicious peanut butter cupcakes with royal icing for dessert…too yummy. I chose “Two Caravans” by Marina Lewycka and “Love in the time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Anyone read them?

On Wednesday we had dinner with Romy, Waldo and Luca…they have four Basset Hound puppy additions to the family and Waldo sports two new very cool tattoos which he had done at the Tattoo Convention on the weekend! I seemed to get into many conversations around tattoos this week, and then found this interesting one today. I like the quotation mark idea.

Two friends of mine [Gisele and Roxy] are back from Mozambique and yesterday I saw some of their photos and went to Roxy’s 21st party. My heart ached and sang all at the same time. They visited Iris Ministries which cares for 2000 children. They stayed at the Zimpeto base in Maputo which has 300 children. I was inspired by Gigi’s lessons:
“There’s always enough.
It’s not always about victory but love.
The battle belongs to God.
Have faith like a child.”

Other exciting things this week were my bus rides home from teaching everyday, I have decided that I need a notebook to sketch and record all the city subtleties I observe on my drives and urban walks home. I went shopping in Long Street and found a cool old book on sewing for R9.85. I went to Buzz on Kloof Street today and had a delicious wrap and Vitamin C juice with my friend Kate. I bought flax seed oil to try and up my healthiness in the month of love. I ate four kinds of pasta this week, one of my favourite meals, yum. Gina posted this really groovy knitted bus on her blog.

Not-so-exciting things this week were baking “Lazari” cupcakes from a recipe in an article out of Taste Magazine that featured 10 of the best cupcake recipes in South Africa. I stuck 100% to the recipe and they FLOPPED big time. Who has a sneaky feeling that of course, restaurants wouldn’t give out the correct recipe to the entire nation? I gave it the benefit of the doubt and was really sad…why publish the recipes in the first place? I’ve tried two out of ten of the recipes and they both flopped [and I was part of a baking business last year, so I am confident I know how to follow a recipe]. Also, my love and I had a row just before he stepped onto the aeroplane to Durban with his bass guitar and his band, “Future Sailor”…not wonderful in the least. I cried all the way home. To make myself better I am going to bake him choc-chip cookies for when he gets home, and write, and do the tasks in my book “The Sound of Paper” and decorate a ‘writing corner’ for myself. I’d love a writing space like this one.



If you want to see more cool Crush+Lovely websites,click here. My favourite is called Unscrew America, all about changing to energy-efficient light bulbs…it’s got such sweet music and makes me want to change my light bulbs. My favourite thing is their “Good things about earth” list…
1. Penguins
2. Chocolate and chocolate milkshakes
3. Slip ‘n slides
4. The Kinks
5. Dudes with weird moustaches.
Mine would have to include:
1. Lazari cupcakes
2. The Transkei
3. Elephants
4. Silver tea sets
5. Birthdays
What would you include on your list?


>I was checking mail when I arrived home from an ordinary Monday. The most interesting part of my day was probably saying ‘sexful’ instead of ‘successful’ in an English class and having the students roar with laughter at the Freudian slip. And I wore my favourite vintage broach, but otherwise it was ordinary. But in my inbox was an email from my friend Courtney with a site to visit called Fifty People One Question made by Crush+Lovely. It was so thought-provoking. The idea is that they ask one question to 50 ordinary* people: Where would you wake up tomorrow? They film the answers and the clip is hauntingly beautiful and human. My answer? Probably somewhere on the east coast of Africa, away from the city, buzzing traffic and work. Somewhere I can walk down the street and get a good cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast. My favourite answer is from a girl in Brooklyn who would wake up in a closet that leads to other closets and then you can climb through and have breakfast with the inhabitant. You?
*Except for the scary people with fake blood, eating a fake hand, and raving about Michael Jakson’s “Killer.” Ja, not so much ordinary.

>Kalk Bay

>We were so delighted to stay in Kalk Bay, a postage stamp sized town with galleries, antique shops, beautiful clothing stores, an incredible bakery called Olympia Cafe, a train track and the sea. Geoff and Gina, dear friends, went away for the weekend and invited us to stay in their home which was the biggest treat. It is a warm and loved flat with a large balcony and view of the sea. We ate ice-cream, went to Theresa’s, a quaint restaurant that you MUST try if you visit, where we had the most delicious beef fillet in red wine sauce. We also went for a long cycle along the coast with sparkling views of the ocean. A swim in the tidal pool, fresh ciabatta and hummus for lunch, relaxing on the balcony and getting slightly sunburnt finished our time there. Wonderful.

>Indie Fixx


I love this blog! and Mr Indie Fixx. Especially this post [which is how I found the blog, while looking at fun home spaces]. I love the idea of a ‘big’ person’s home-made fort reminiscent of childhood play-play games…we used to create the most incredible homes under tables, in between bunk beds and in any nook and cranny that would allow it! On the topic of grown-up forts, Indie Fixx talks about yurts, which look incredible, I had never ever heard of them before. Have you? “Yurt” means ‘dwelling place’ in Turkish and is a circular wooden lattice structure covered with felt and sometimes canvas. Imagine having this plain yurt as, literally, a blank canvas to decorate and make your own…mmm. It would be quite fun to set a weekend aside, build a fort in your living room or garden or bedroom, buy yummy food and get a good novel or some films and not leave! Yes?

>I’ll have a slice

>Also at the Book Lounge this week, I paged through “A Slice of Organic Life”, edited by Sheherazade Goldsmith. The back reads:
“Do you dream of growing your own vegetables, making jam from freshly picked fruit, or keeping a few chickens?” I can’t remember the rest because I just kept thinking yes, yes, yes…call me a farm girl at heart, and just as much as I love the city, I need a slice of country life! And I don’t mean a slice of organic carrot cake at the local market. I want gumboots. I want to plant a garden. I want lots of lazy cats and big dogs. I want a vegetable garden. I want a big Oak tree with a swing or a hammock. I want fresh air. I want to sleep with my windows wide open at night. I want to use natural body products. I want to support local farmers and artists. Can I want have? If they are good things that you wish for, then I really do think so. In the meantime, our tickets for our overseas travels starting in April have been purchased…wahoo!


>I really hope I don’t jinx myself, but I started using taxis yesterday and have had two really happy experiences so far. Yesterday I was squished in between eight little primary school girls on their way home…chit chatting in English-come-Zulu about everything from their new headmaster, to when Mr Someone or Whoever said their books should be covered by, to eish-when-did-you-get-that-new-purse, to giggling, to spilling water all over the one little girl’s lap, which made the result look quite precarious and ended up with three of them sitting on one side of the back seat on top of each other to avoid the looming wet patch. The older, greying driver seemed proud of his vehicle which had an ominous grinding side on the left.

Today I also caught such a ‘happy taxi’. Everyone laughing and the driver actually indicating. The money man, on handing me change of R4, laughed, “Heh, lovely doing business with you Missus!” And ‘business’ is considered R6 for a taxi ride. So…for a spoilt white girl who has had private transport for her entire life, this is a new world. And it hasn’t been as bad as so many indulged imagine. Let’s hope my daily rides remain pleasant and that every taxi I jump into is a ‘happy’ one. Luckily my mum doesn’t read my blog. [You know people get mugged in taxis. Oh but wait, people get hijacked in cars. Hm.]