>This week’s findings

>I found two blogs that I am enjoying perusing, and you might to: decor8 blog and the second is designismine which is kept by a lady with a sweet write up: “Summer Allen-Gibson is a twenty-six year old baker, illustrator, and mum. She finds much comfort in the simplicity of everyday life: cups of tea with friends, trips to the local bakery for colorful macarons, taking walks around her Portland neighborhood with her family, baking never-ending sweets, etcetera. Design is Mine is about sharing her daily finds in photography, art, typography, vintage, modern design, and handmade goods.”

One of my favourite posts is this yellow one.

I found kup kup land photography on my perusings and really love these quirky pictures she has taken with the little plastic animals.

I also found these very funky Tudor print knickers by Betty Jackson in an American Elle mag! She has tongue-in-cheek chutzpah that’s for sure, these knickers feature King Henry VIII’s and some other Royal lady’s head on the crotch of the panties…done so stylishly though!

I really love Lena Corwin who I came across last week. She has some beautiful fabrics and an interesting blog too.


>Some loves

>I’ve been browsing other blogs and thinking of happy things…these are some borrowed loves:

I LOVE these cups by Danish ceramicist Jette Arendal Winther.

After posting my little “bicycle made for two” picture, I found this article by Joanna Goddard. SO lovely! I really love her blog, you must go and visit if you haven’t.

I also love perusing The Sartorialist which makes me want to travel tomorrow. Especially to see all of the beautiful clothes in the world.

>Love, love, love

>It having just been Valentine’s Day and all. I am not into the red, fluffy, cutesy love stuff, but still feel the need to be indulged…so we are going on a date tomorrow night. It is a bit sad if loved-up couples don’t go on dates and buy or make surprise gifts or write each other letters all year, isn’t it? Anyway, we went cycling to and past Simonstown, we went swimming in the freezing ocean and saw the family this weekend. I wish we were doing the Argus on a bicycle made for two, maybe then I could sit at the back and enjoy the view. [Of the ocean, of course!]

>London time

Today I walked down Long Street to visit a sweet little shop called “Still Life”, and on my way back up I noticed a bloke sitting, paging through his travel book and sipping a Coke. I have no idea why, but I walked up to him and asked where he was heading to. He was trying to figure out the best way to get to the Castle of Good Hope and I offered him a ride. Now, I risk the wrath of family and friends here, especially in a South African context. Yes, yes, I know it’s stupid to pick people up, I know. This was different…I all at once remembered being lost once in Korea, and a man gave me a lift to the exact spot where I needed to be [which was worth the risk…the alternative? Being lost and sleeping on the beach with some fishermen. Mmm, not cool]. I also was struck by the thought that that is going to be me not too long from now. Yes, we fly to London and begin nine months of travelling on the 7th of April, so you’ll find us with a backpack and a travel guide in some little European town and I’ll be showing you inspiration from different bits of the world.

I strongly believe in the “pay it forward” approach to life. If you don’t know what I mean, watch the film. It turns out Lars is from Norway studying political science in Oslo and has offered to show us around and have us in his home when we’re in Europe. He’s just a foreign student seeing the world. Enjoy the Castle, Lars.


We are starting French lessons next week in Vredehoek…I am so excited! I am designing a corporate identity for my French teacher which has been fun. So in the spirit of all things French, I found a French musician whose music I love. Listening to French lyrics is so special, even if you have no clue what they are singing. Listen to Zazie to see what I mean. I also found this floral urban graffiti by a French street artist called PIXNIT on a blog called Blog Revisited.

>Greater than


“Man’s abiding happiness is…in giving himself up* to what is greater than himself, to ideas which are larger than his individual life, the idea of his country, of humanity, of God” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

I am thinking of ways to think bigger than oneself.
Any fun and creative ideas?

*but I also think abiding happiness comes from contentment with the little and what is within yourself.