>And you?

>Just for fun after teaching at a girls school today…


>Sacred Heart

Today was supply teaching bliss [even though I got off to a rotten start when I walked all the way to the bus stop but forgot my travel card, had to run home, run back again, only to see it pulling off…]. I went to a girls’ school in Hammersmith, London, to teach design. The angels sing. Imagine well-groomed, delightful girls saying “Yes, Miss” and eating at long dining room tables beneath Renaissance style paintings, with girls playing the piano at the front. I found out that the Sacred Heart is a religious devotion to Jesus’s physical heart as the representation of divine love for humanity. Very cool. One very happy heart at the end of the day.


>No,no, I am not emo…although I taught the most emo-looking emo boy at school today. But I must admit that I am emotional at the moment. Today I cried twice on the bus. Yip, it’s lame I know…and I am loving being here in London, and my love and I are so happy together and feel more in love than ever…and I am happy, but I just miss:
my friends
the mountain
a cupboard with all my clothes in
my mum
tea and cake with my friends.

>Home sweet home

The first thing I am going to do when we move in…yes, we are moving in to our new home on Saturday, woop woop[!], is bake biscuits baby! I haven’t baked in over a month and think I will start a cookie, cupcake or cake recipe per week post. I’m having withdrawals! What are your plans for the long weekend? The rent and deposit we’ve had to deposit in pounds takes a big knock off our socks so we are going to make the most of our travel cards in Zone 1 and 2 and cruise around London looking at things and doing free things and eating raspberry jame sarmies in the park! Otherwise, I taught again today. Some classes were very bler. There are a few sweet children though, so I will try to focus on the good ones who have good hearts. They all do, I know, just some don’t show it. Ever. Teaching tomorrow too…and thinking about writing a book while I catch all of the public transport that I spend so much time on nowadays. “The adventures that transpire after waiting for a bus for forty minutes and other short stories featuring sixteen year old girls with heart-shaped glasses that tell you you’re beautiful, but not as beautiful as themselves.”

>Swine flu hyperama

What is your take on the Swine flu dilemma? Here in London, the papers are full of it, and people are starting to wear masks on the tube…probably because of “a further three confirmed cases of swine flu in the UK, taking the total to five, the closure of a school in Devon for seven days as precautionary measure after a child there was confirmed to have swine flu, new orders placed to further increase UK stockpiles of antiviral medicines and antibiotics, plus face masks for health workers,the distribution, starting next week, of a leaflet on swine flu to all UK households and the launch on Thursday of a pre-recorded swine flu telephone information line on 0800 1513 513”. Hmmm.

>Daily Candy

>I love this sweet site called Daily Candy which has little snippets of home, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, culture and other candies. I am watching the London page but there is also a New York page for you too, Em! I also think there little illustrations are very cool and there weekend guides very helpful and quirky. Too bad I discovered it too late, I missed the Cabbages and Frocks Dog Fair, but we will visit the market this coming Saturday to see what little gems it has.