>Inks and washes

Two design projects done and dusted. The one I am working on at the moment involves an ink and wash element…I have been so inspired to start my own collection! If you are interested, have a look at Mattias Inks. He would be Swedish. Darn, Swedes are just so creative.


>The Make Lounge


Working with me at Luella’s, is my lovely new friend called Kat. She teaches sewing at The Make Lounge. How cool?! Have a browse at the site and the blog, it is awesome. I love the headings on the website {little buttons and sewing machines and all sorts}. I know I am doing the clutch bag class as soon as I can! Oh yay, yay, yay.

>Friday love

>I know I haven’t blogged in ages, it has been a mad week of new career, dinner dates every evening, Starbucks lattes and cinnamon swirls {mmm}, a piling design to-do list {eek}and lots,lots more. I love Fridays though, I start at noon so it is my time to lie in and catch up sleep to beat the flu bug that is lurking, to drink tea leisurely and to have some blog love time and email family, especially my gran this week. I miss her warmth and love and husky whistle as she wanders around the house.

This week I have been having a wallpaper feast. Luella’s has beautiful wallpaper all over, and it has inspired me to wallpaper some walls in my home one day, with beautiful, bold prints. I love this one.

I have also had an inspiring book week. It started with my friend, Tessa’s discovery of Nina Sankovitch who has a project to read and review one book a day for 365 days! Gosh lady. She is on 359 today and nearing the end this week…there is no excuse not to have ideas of what to read after her reading her list and reviews here. Amazing and inspiring really. Yes, I did wonder if she actually did read all of the books properly, but I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt because I think it is an awesome {and daunting} idea. I have been reading some faith related books this week, and I even joined the library yesterday after reading this site…I think some of the classics are going to be my next project. What are you reading?

Also making my Friday is the new Technology issue of Chew magazine. Oooh, if you haven’t already, start downloading and devouring!

Otherwise…I am loving my new work at Luella’s, I am loving living in London {today is gorgeously sunny and the blue sky is showing himself off}. I am even loving the bus I catch to work. Yes, public transport love! I catch the 200 which motors up the hill with all of the grannies and grandpas, really, it is the veteran bus, haha! The bizarre thing is, it is starting to feel like home…hmm.

Happy weekend!



Tomorrow I start a Luella’s…so much excitement! A really girly girl job in a beautiful boutique with many beautiful things! This has been such a mixed week…some lovely happenings: a most thought-provoking message at church on Sunday evening, meeting up with Tea’s husband for dinner along the Southbank with a view of St Pauls {plus he arrived with a bag of yummy South African sweets…mmmm, thank you Tea!}; having long coffees and really chatting with my love; a freshly baked croissant from the French shop on the way to work; a friend doing my eyebrows and doing my make-up for me; wearing my new pearl and ribbon bracelet that Rach gave me for my birthday; having two design meetings with clients. Some hard happenings: being so tired after work that I have not replied to three quarters of my inbox, upsetting my uncle, upsetting my friend, not living up to expectations and in turn making people disappointed or angry, and meaning well but not acting upon it sometimes. But all of that aside, one more sleep.

>I’ve been meaning to

Another week gone, and now I sit at home completely alone {well, my friend’s little Yorkshire Terrier is my only company for today…and David Gray}. I have had an “I’ve-been-meaning-too” day…which might not be the most exciting way to spend a Saturday…but it feels so good to have sent those emails and photos that I’ve been meaning send, writing that apology letter that I’ve been meaning to write {which kept me up all night}, phoning my mum and stepmum, which I’ve been meaning to do, the hand washing I’ve been meaning…the bubble bath I’ve been meaning…to. Sigh. I am so curious to know what is on other people’s “Meaning to” list? I certainly don’t believe that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, well sometimes maybe, yes okay, often. I do know though, that good intentions not acted upon lead to hurt friendships, Procrastination laughing with her head thrown back, a pile of clothers you love to wear but can’t bare to throw in the washing machine cycle, and an inbox of emails that you were going to reply to “later” that taunt you every time you open the inbox.

Things that made my week:
Chad m Pelton’s collages

Mattias Inks
A hair cut…
A handwritten birthday letter from my Gran Joy.
A phone conversation with my Mum.
Indian take-out-for-two and a bottle of champagne to celebrate my love getting work, and watching West Wing for the evening…a perfect Thursday.

Still on my “I’ve-been-meaning-to” list:
Have a cuppacino out on my own with my Bible and a good book {this afternoon…}
Write thank you letters for my birthday gifts
Paint my nails

…remember that this list is different to your “to do” list, these are things that give ways to the to-dos…what are yours?

A curious ShelleySherbet

>Lovely London happenings

It snuck up…slowly, subtly…and then…WAMACK {that’s for Becky} WINTER arrived. Okay it probably isn’t nearly quite there, but today was a rainy day that will be the first of many, and has already revealed the British attitude toward weather…not to talk about it, or else complain bitterly, although it is just not going to make the sun shine! A perfect day for one of my birthday presents to arrive. Yes 100% sheep’s wool moccasin slippers. My toes are as warm as toast and I am as happy as pie {thank you Cooksey family!}.

So what will we do for fun in London through winter? My new favourite game: DONKEY. It is ridiculous and wonderful because you get to draw on people’s foreheads. I lost my first time…so maybe other options should be considered: playing scrabble, baking, baking some more, watching lots of movies set in Britain, knitting blankets for little kinderlings in Mozambique…{I am open to any more ideas?}.

The best treat of our weekend was having my love’s mum and sister pop into London for the day on their way back from New York {thank you ladies, Brenda and Meg}…and they brought with them…GIFTS. I have been really treasured. My baking tray entourage has increased, with a very wonderful spring form cake tin {thank you Em!}, and a madeleine tray! Now to put my recipes to the test…especially my French madeleine recipe from Jane Brocket and this best birthday yellow cake {as soon as I find out whether I can get corn syrup in England} from Smitten Kitchen, my new, by far favourite cooking blog with INCREDIBLE photography. Ooooo yummmy. The first I read of this blog made me laugh and laugh: “Some people find out they’re going to be parents and — you know, after the whole ‘yay babies!’ cheer has simmered down a bit — freak out because they haven’t yet a) traveled the world, b) made their first million, paid off all of their debt and saved up enough for $200 toys for their little snowflake or c) well, grown up yet. But me, I actually had a moment of panic because I hadn’t yet found the perfect yellow layer cake recipe. And apparently — and yes, probably ridiculously — central to my image of the kind of mom I want to be is not to have to turn to a box of Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Butter Recipe Golden (anyone else ever been perplexed by this wording?) cake mix to get a reliably perfect two-layer celebration cake. It’s the Smitten Kitchen, afterall: People have expectations!’

On that note…there seems to have been a bubble that went *POP* and all of a sudden, two friends had babies and two friends are pregnant in one month! Hello! You are all superwomen…well done and yay, so exciting! As for me…a) and c) responses would probably apply…as well as e) I still haven’t learnt how to cartwheel. No babies until I can cartwheel without my love catching my legs and swinging me over. Your response would be?

ps I don’t believe you have to be completely grown up to have babies, or that you should have traveled the world. Besides, you enter a whole new world yourself, you don’t need to worry about travelling around the rest of the old one. Besides, it will probably still be there in 30 years time.

>Wedding buzz


Today I had the best lie in, a latte with a close friend in East Putney, and buzzed on the caffeine all the way to The National Wedding Show at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, armed with Cadbury’s Buttons. Well, let’s just say I am exhausted after the caffeine and oestrogen…thousands of brides ooohing and aaahing and flapping feather boas and fighting each other off to get to the cake tasters! Having said that, it was super lovely to see people getting ready ad excited for each big day..with all of their personal tastes and quirks and budgets. I have to say that I think Luella’s Boudoir had the best stand…

{How sweet are these little wedding people? I by far love the dresses in these pics. If only I could have a rematch with the same man..}