>Blooming heck

>It is almost Christmas and I have not blogged a stitch…blooming heck indeed. The United Kingdom is swallowing me!
So sad I say. Life has been so hectic that I even feel guilty to blog when I have a full fat inbox of twenty two personal emails to reply lovingly to {has this to do with my boo hoo wail story about no-one being in touch…well, that bit me in the bottom, in a happy way!}.

I am so excited to have been in touch with the lovely Marietjie Beeslaar from Skermunkil, who I will be meeting with in Cape Town in the new year to have a look at her possibly remaking my wedding ring! Yes, I did mention this LAST year and another year has gone by. Tut tut. This time we are doing it; I am sooooo excited! These heart necklaces are in the exquisite Beatnik Bazaar in Kalk Bay {what happened to their blog today? I couldn’t open it}. Read Eendag op ‘n Reendag and see her beautiful bird’s eye picnic pic!

Tonight in Luella’s we are drinking bubbly and eating mince pies {oooh, warning all of you who dare to come to the beach with me…I have fifties thighs, there you are warned} and having a designer evening with our dress designer, Shane Ryding and Bene from The Real Princess Company.

Londoners are going cake crazy for The OUtsider Tart cupcakes. They even have yummy treats for your pooch! Too much!

Speaking of pooches, this is pooch bed love at Wowbow with this Mija dog bed!

I am on to my Christmas list. This is one of my items…ah love. This oil cloth saddle bag at Cath Kidston. Did I tell you the story about our bathroom window? Well…we moved into our little studio and were loving our big Victorian window, and flaunted our nakedness {as you do in the bathroom} feeling secure in the frostedness of the window…until one night, I was wondering home down the street, and looked up to admire our beautiful building, when “EEK”…I could SEE the DOTS on our shower curtain! How bloody much more have passers-by seeing?! So we have been showering in the dark, wondering how we are going to make a retro blind, but out of what fabric? Until my a-ha moment of oilcloth…so now we are onto making the decision of the print. Paisley or spray flowers? Do tell…

I have married Dermalogica this week, but for every other body part, my second on the wishlist is Benefit. Oooh lala. I know you can get it in Woolies in South Africa, but the UK has gorgeous shops which ooze pinkness and vintage love.

The good thing about all of my busy-ness is that I have done ALL of our Christmas shopping! Hmm…all but for my darling brothers. Any ideas? They are in their mid-thirties and are into cars and cows and houses {and lots more, but I just haven’t seen anything cool yet that seems good and meaningful for them. Please don’t suggest alcohol, socks or nuts. Those are predeterminedly outvoted}. So no 23rd of December shopping malls for me…woop! What is on your Christmas list? Xx