>Kyle and Anneli’s wedding

>All I have to say is…have a look at these beautiful wedding pics, taken by Will Punt of Peartree photography. Simply inspiring. I want to have my wedding pics again!


>Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair

>Back at work today! Lots has been happening…the others were at Absolutely Beautiful Weddings this weekend and I was SO cross to find out that all of the three postcards for the day {multiplied by 1000, 500 and 100 respectively} did not arrive in time. Hmph. So they all arrived today and although they look pretty…they are late. We can still use them all in the future, but it means that we missed out on handing lots out on Sunday! You can read more about the day at Love My Dress. One event down…one VERY glam one to go! Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair. It is going to be so, so fabulous…21 April, £10, fashion shows, in conjunction with Cosmo Bride and lots more!

>Oh Cape Town, I love you! x


We have just had the most cool and crazy four days. We flew to Cape Town on Thursday, drove via Chapman’s Peak for fish and chips in Hout Bay, bought fabric for our Edwardian chairs, ate Lazari cupcakes {THANK YOU Kyle, you legend! My sister-in-law’s brother and I share a deep love for these cupcakes and he dropped some off for us…what a gem}, had a fun braai {oh yum…thank you Courtney and Alan for having us till LATE} with some special friends, I had my hair cut at Scar {ask for Janique, she’s awesome, so is her tattoo!}, and then we drove to Tulbagh and enjoyed a weekend of friendship, roast lamb, English breakfasts, date squares and wedding fun. Things we loved {inspired by a coffee shop called “Things I love” in Tulbagh…which sells Norma’s delicious date squares…TOO yummy}: the farm we stayed on with horses and rusks and wooden floors and a big, looong table in the kitchen; the sound of African men laughing a big hearty laugh; the Cape coloured accent; clapped out Golden Arrow buses; being stuck in 5pm traffic meant we got some gorgeous snaps of the African mama, the harbour and the mountain; the friendliness of our mother land and city; seeing FRIENDS {oh gosh, a million times over}; dirt roads; seeing family {also, a trillion times over!}; driving with the windows down; wide open spaces and just the vibey vibe and diversity of people coming and going. Perhaps most of all, the friendliness and warmth of South African people. But now, I am tired and must sleep so excuse me. xx

>Oh happy days!


The reason for our crazy one weekend trip from London to Cape Town was for our special friends’ wedding: Kyle and Anneli…two very beautiful hearted people in our lives {reason enough to cross the ocean and the whole of Africa for four days!}.Their special day took place at Montpellier chapel, honestly THE most stunning chapel I have ever, ever seen. We were booked in to this beautiful room in the 1714 guesthouse, with a view of the pool and the mountains {thank you Kyle and Ans…we loved it}. Steven was Kyle’s best man so it was a special time of preparing for and seeing these two love birds married finally after eight years of being together! The evening was truly elegant with lots of roses, blush satin and lace hanging glass drops under the vines, with beautiful views of vineyards and mountains. The colours were ivory, blush pink and navy blue, and the evening was a really fun and beautiful celebration, with cigars for the men and pale pink pashminas for the gals, a chocolate fountain, a three tier chocolate cake and lots of dancing! We especially loved making new friends, meeting the families and obviously, being with our dear friends. Congrats Kyle and Ans. Enjoy honeymoon! xx

And then, the next morning, after another big English breakfast, we whizzed through the {BEAUITFUL} wheat fields and golden, open spaces of Tulbagh, Malmesbury and Riebeek Kasteel, through Cape Town and out to Fishoek to celebrate Steve’s special gran’s 90th birthday with tea, cake, photos and family. Happy 90th Eve…you are a beautiful and strong woman!

>I heart Brighton


Too long and very late…life is so busy that the only time I get to blog it seems, is this quiet midnight hour two full weeks since my last post. I will not bore with reasons of busy-ness {in short: lots of work work, design work, long hours, evening commitments, London life, organising photo shoots and lots lots more…}, but bring you a simple snippet of a day out at the seaside. We decided to escape to Brighton for the day yesterday: I LOVE BRIGHTON! It is quirky and fun and arty and colourful {albeit faded in places} and has a looooong pier which I have named the “Long Walk of Candy”…toffee apples, candy floss, and a fair at the end with roller coasters and teacup rides! We ate oily fish and chips, listened to the sea drag the pebbles in the waves, walked the cobbled streets, stumbled on a vibey chocoloate festival {and discovered proper Monmouth coffee…mmm…which we drank slowly in the sun and dreamt about our farm one day}, and then licked soft-serve ice cream on the beach in the sun. By which time the locals had crept out of wherever they came from, and the beach was a hive of picnics, dogs, bottles of apple cider, funky looking people and ice-creams. Oh love love love. Sorry London, but Brighton might have won me over.

*ps We stumbled across All Saints Spitalfields…the windows were full of old sewing machines…I can’t wait to bring mine back to London with me! x

>Bedtime stories…

I am babysitting tonight…and I was told the best bed time story: so you see…there was a princess {of course} and a…lion. And the big lion came to the princess’s house. And the lion took the princess on his back to the shop. And they bought carrots and tomatoes and cucumber and powder and….yoghurt. And then the lion pulled the trolley home. And then the prince came on his horse and tied his horse up outside and fed him a carrot. {By now the twin sister has fallen asleep and the story is slowing down, so I help out}…and the prince came in and whipped up a yummy meal for the princess with all of the yummy things she had bought from the shop. And he gave her a foot massage. And fed the lion. And vacuumed. And made her a cup of tea. And they lived happily. Ever. After. I think that is one of my favourite stories ever {thank you little Hannah!}. Ps The lovely wallpaper made of stories comes from this blog. What a lovely guest room!

Working in a wedding shop means that I a} sometimes deal with Miss Obsessive-about-my-day or Miss I-Can’t-Decide-on-Ivory-or-Porcelain or Miss I-just-want-this-to-be-over…but mostly I deal with lovely bettys who are excited for the big day, b} I am surrounded with beautiful things all day and c} that I get to read lots of wedding magazines. Lots. So I am reading through COSMO Bride while I babysit and I thought I would share three of my favourite finds in the Feb/March 2010 issue. The first is this Amarand dress by Delphine Manivet. This is honestly what I would choose if Steve and I got married twice…I absolutely love it. Maybe I will get one for my first baby so that I can also look glam while I rock my baby on the verandah…

If I were having a wedding again, I would also definitely have map heart or star confetti. This is my second favourite find from Not on the High Street, the best gift idea site! {Which helps with three weddings coming up quickly!}

The third fun and favourite find is RocknRoll Bride, a blog started by Kat Williams…who says as an intor on her blog:”Hello and welcome to my little blog. My name is Kat Williams aka the Rock n Roll Bride and my aim is to provide a little haven of kick ass weddingness in the overly poofy, pastel and often puke-worthy wedding world. If you’ve ever picked up a bridal magazine and felt queasy, or trawled the internet and felt disheartened by what you didn’t find, well my friend you are in the right place! ♥”…sometimes I feel like I am swimming in a sea of ivory and Kat’s blog is a refreshing look at alternative weddings…which I sometimes crave! If you are getting married and looking for something different, have a browse through her blog. {These photos are from her blog…x}

Some things on my wishlist:

A speck case for my mac.
This Cath Kidston saddle bag.
A Kiss Tapestry Kit from the most amazing Cox and Cox.

Other fun things {especially for weddings…} from Cox and Cox:

Wedding table trivia, famous people masks, retro wedding badges {I love!}, and a heart punch {I am thinking of attacking an old world atlas with this to make the map hearts!}. Those of you who are married, what would you do differently if you got married again? Any wedding sites you would tell about? x

Ps I have been asked to be maid of honour at a close friend’s wedding which is such an exciting honour…hence the renewed wedding inspiration vigour! And that I work in a wedding shop…should be excuse enough, I would say!

>Introducing the talented Mr Walters


That is, John A.V. Walters, Master of Fine Art Candidate, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. John is the husband of a very close friend of mine, and the first I saw of his incredible talent was our wedding present which John created…an incredible charcoal drawing of Steven and I. I am holding on to this precious gift because of sentiment, and because I know that one day it will be worth more because John will be famous. Honestly, famous. His talent really wows me and I admire his determination, hard work and passion. The drawings shown here will be on show and for sale in the iArt Gallery booth at the Joburg Art Fair which is happening at the end of March. If you are there, please go and have a look! Otherwise, pop in to iArt in Cape Town to find out more about him or be in touch with me and I will happily pass you on. As soon as his website is up and running and full of incredible art works, I will definitely post the link for you to go and have a look and an admire! These drawings are titled “Three Studies (After Caravaggio)”, the medium is charcoal on paper and they each measure 80cm x 110cm. Aren’t they just extraordinarily good? x