>My Brit factor x

>Yesterday Holly Willouhgby popped into Luella’s and I was a bit star struck, I must say! We loved her on Xtra Factor and it was a bit strange to see her not on telly…the shop happened to be chaos. I was shooting dresses, Kat was pinning dresses and Rach was with our wedding planner. But still! It was cool.

I got thinking about Brits and their celebs and their habits and traits, and then I found this list of the top 50 ‘typically British’ traitsfrom Metro. I have italicised the ones I find myself doing:
1. Talking about the weather
2. Great at queueing
3. Sarcasm
4. Watching soaps
5. Getting drunk
6. A love of bargains
7. A love of curtain twitching
8. Stiff upper lip
9. Love of all television
10. Moaning
11. Obsession with class
12. Gossiping with neighbours over the garden fence
13. Obsession with the traffic
14. Enjoying other people’s misfortune
15. Inability to complain
16. Love of cheap foreign holidays
17. Working long hours
18. A soothing cup of tea to ease worries
19. Eating meat and two veg
20. Looking uncomfortable on the dance floor
21. Feeling uncomfortable when people talk about their emotions
22. Clever sense of humour
23. Obsession with property values
24. Pandering to political correctness
25. Road rage
26. Being unhappy with our weight
27. Wanting a good tan
28. Being proud of where we live
29. Not saying what we mean
30. The ability to laugh at ourselves
31. Washing the car on a Sunday
32. Taking the mickey out of others
33. Asking people about their journey
34. Inability not to comment on how other people bring up their children
35. Jealousy of wealth and success
36. Being overly polite
37. Texting instead of calling
38. An inability to express our emotions
39. Obsession with the Royal Family
40. Fondness for mowing the lawn
41. Love of rambling through the countryside
42. A love of all things deep fried
43. Emulating celebrity lifestyles
44. Leaving things to the last minute
45. Irony
46. Keeping our homes neat and tidy
47. Take decisions and accept the consequences
48. Achieving against all odds
49. Wanting our sportsmen / teams to fail
50. DIY on a Bank Holiday

So…I am not all Brit yet.

Another thing Brits love is Thai and Indian food. Tonight after work, Kat and I bought Thai red duck curry {oh my, oh my, new favourite Thai food!} and we sat on the lawn outside our Victorian flat {with the daffodils and the ginger cat from my street} and we enjoyed the warm evening and delicious Thai. Then I watched the sunset on the banks of the Thames in Surbiton and drank earl grey tea with friends. A perfect Saturday evening I would say. xx


>Some Thursday love

>{Photo from Graph Paper Press} ShelleySherbet turned two years old yesterday! Gosh, and it struck me that I have kept a blog for a longer period of time than one single job at a time….oops! Happy birthday anyway…you were born out of a graphic design class when I had finished a project ahead of time and started experimenting….and here we are.

{Photo from Memory Makers Magazine} So it is Thursday night and I am surrounded by books on my lounge floor, with Mary-Anne’s Spinach lasagne baking in the oven. It is a home alone night so I am eating vegerian and reading books! I am reading:

Some inspriation and literary inspiration is needed as we run up to our big event in conjunction with Cosmo Bride next week…some escapism indeed!

Mmm…the lasagne is out of the oven so off I go…

Ps My friend Angi is the bridesmaid in this Haribo advert…isn’t it great? I think when you work in a wedding shop, the ad is even funnier…you can’t control everything brides! x

>Bloomin’ Spring

>I hope you are sickly sweeted out by chocolate or that you have recovered this last week after the Easter splurge…we had a lovely Easter time, spent in London, enjoying the millions of daffs and other blooms that are simply gorgeous, dotting themselves all over the city in the oddest places. The past couple of weeks have happened in a bit of a blur and I missed the Easter egg or card giving bus. If I had sent out cards, ideas would definitely have come from Lynne’s Victorian Treasures.

Easter is for me, the most special of all the Christian celebrations during the year. The idea of passover and new, resurrected life is so inspiring to me. Living in the Northern hemisphere means that Easter coincides with the beginning of Spring which also makes my heart very happy. It is a time to soak, meditate, bake, share communion, be with family, look to Christ and to appreciate LIFE! My cousin by marriage sent me this poem by Joy Cowley last week..I love it and you might too {thanks Sally!}:

You, Springtime Jesus,
Just as I’d settled down for winter,
You broke into my heart
And danced your love right across it,
In a mad excess of giving.
Just as I’d got comfortable
With base branches and unfeeling,
Just as my world was neatly black and white,
There you were,
Kicking up flowers,
All over the places.

Springtime Jesus,
I tried to find a way to tell you
That there were places where you could or could not dance.
I wanted to guide you on my paths
And have you sign the visitors’ book;
But you laughed right through my words
And sang to me your melting song
Causing sap to fire the branches,
Causing the flames of buds
To flicker into green bonfires,
Causing a windquake of blossom,
Causing growth-pain, causing life.

Springtime Jesus,
The fullness of life can be frightening,
And I’m lacking courage.
It isn’t easy to live with a heart
That’s wide open to invasion.
Teach me, Jesus,
How to move with you,
Step for step,
In your love dance.
Touch my fears with your melting song.
Gift me with your laughter,
And, in the mystery of your Springtime,
Show me the truth of the blossoming Cross.


Ps I love some of these posters, where I found this ‘soak’ one.

A blog that I am enjoying: Vintage Chica, which I found over Easter time when I was inspired by her simple and beautiful Easter table.

Some RSA inspiration candy:
Another blog I have been enjoying over Easter time is: IngeborgCyborg, that of Inge Prins, a Cape Town based photographer. On her blog, I found one of her projects that I have enjoyed reading about: PlayJumpEat…which I think should be an Easter time motto for everyone. Definitely have a look at these grogeous images…but if you are a South African and you do not live in Cape Town any longer…beware, home sickness is bound to ensue!

Some UK inspiration candy:
I love the ideas from Le Kuex events…vintage hen dos, weddings and pin up photo shoots! I am definitely attending their event in London in May for fan dancing, a vintage hair do and make-up and lots more! {Become a fan on facebook to know more!}

Also along the lines of weddings and fun vintage, I love Elle and Cee lingerie. We have her knickers in the shop, and I love love love them! I definitely want to stock up my drawer with more sweet pieces like these.

In search for some new playlists I came across The Flash Dance, a completely kickass cool blog about music, life, photography and more. I loved their February songs listed here. Go and see for yourself. xx

Otherwise…some of our pics from Easter:

We went to Cantebury Cathedral on Good Friday with friends, Paul and Tanya, and oh my, it is big and impressive and filled with peace. I lit candles for people close to me who have passed away and said prayers for my family. We drank ale in a little English village and ate easter eggs all the way there in the car.

On Easter Saturday we shopped {woop for our new Nikon D3000 camera, Uniqlo and Ikea…mmm} and watched the Oxford&Cambridge boat race from a garden on the Thames in Chiswick {thanks Paul and Tans!} with red wine and a bbq.

On Easter Sunday we went into Central to Trafalgar Square and attended the 10am mass at St-Martin-in-the-Fileds, a really cool Anglican church in the city. I think this is my favourite church building in London. We really enjoyed it…and loved some hot soup in the Crypt cafe afterwards. After a walk through St James Park with all of the glorious daffodils and yellowness, we thought a trip throught the Natural History Musuem would be fun {but so did everybody else and their aunty and their three children} so after fifteen minutes of squishing through the bird section, we escaped out of a side door and resorted to lattes and cake at Hummingbird Bakery and a romantic walk around Kensington.

>Born again

Kat, my friend fashion designer who works with me, teaches classes at The Make Lounge and she bought this book as inspiration for classes where students may bring old garments for alterations or to make something completely new. Well, it is SO cool! You can turn jersey sleeves into leg warmers, or sew to dresses together to get a whole new garment, or even turn a skirt into a jacket! If you can get your hands on this book I promise you will be tempted to get the sewing machine out and get inventive and creative.

Along the same inspiring lines, Kat told me about Goodone, a group of UK based designers who are recycling textiles to create new garments from old, and to keep textile waste from reaching the landfills. I am so in awe of this mission {watch the “about us” video!} and bizarrely, on the day when I heard about Goodone, someone gave me a top of theirs! So here is a challenge: go through your wardrobe and see what you can do! I know I am going to! {When I get my sewing machine later this month…I CAN’T WAIT…}

Kat also lent me her copy of The Sartorialist…so much fashion and style inspiration is happening in this head!

Happy sewing…xx