>Draw dividers and pancakes xx

Where have I been? Not blogging…there has been a week at work of hosting a big wedding event and a week of visiting South Africa, and a week of being in bed with flu, and before you know it a month has gone by and blogging has not happened.

Here is a little glimpse of the happenings:

Rachel’s birthday

Kat’s famous Russian-Australian pancakes doused in syrup, and some frou frou fun!

Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair {pics by EyeImagine}

You may follow the links to see media coverage of the evening from here…it was a fun evening filled with vintage extravagance, two gorgeous catwalk shows and happy brides-to-be who found lots of inspiration and dream dresses.

Images: a pic of the welcome sign…I loved doing all of the design for the event; One Marylebone; Lisa Redman’s gorgeous gowns {she let me borrow a dress…it was FAB}; my darling colleague, Kate, my second British friend who makes me laugh too hard; Julia Boggio’s representative.

Liska and Gerald’s beautiful wedding

Oh, what a beautiful day! Gerald and Lisk made their vows in St George’s Cathedral and celebrated after at Groot Constantia…and really, what a gorgeous day with family, friends, meaningful speeches, Earl Grey cupcakes, laughter, and beautiful sun! I am over the moon for you two. {And yes, this is the THIRD wedding I have been to this year where the lovely couple has chosen Germinate to capture the day. They are AMAZING so spread the word!}


We have been loving the Spring flowers and the subtle warmth of the sun on some days and spending time with friends {even when they are wearing matching outfits!}…I have discovered a gorgeous antique fair {oh love my 1920s camera, Thermos, Victorian pin cushion, console, madeleine tins and my bottle garden…} and have been getting better from flu with lots of rest and tea. Some days I feel like I need more simplicity, more quiet, more space, more time, more sun, more countryside, more rest…

Buying draw dividers from Ikea moved toward this…and gave me a wonderful sense of simplicity and order. {Yes, sad, a highlight of my month was indeed the introduction of draw dividers!}.This is another ordering idea that appeals to me:
“Long ago, the rhythm of the average American housewife’s life was fairly standard no matter where you went. Each day had its own task, and so the work got done in a logical, orderly fashion as the week progressed. It went something like this. Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Market Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest
There was logic behind the order. Laundry was far and away the heaviest task a housewife faced, requiring a great deal of strength and fortitude to hand-wring clothes and carry big baskets of wet laundry to the clothesline from the basement washtubs. Monday was the day to do it, when you were still fresh and rested from Sunday. Tuesday’s ironing followed Monday’s wash. Mending and sewing on Wednesday made sense when you’d just been through the clothes and noticed what needed a button or a patch. And so on. We may not follow this order, or do some of these tasks today, but every kitchen can use a set of good sturdy and absorbent dishtowels.” ~ found here. Oh and I love the film clip on their moodboard page. Very cool.

Oh, and we have booked for Prague at the end of July…I am soooo excited! We are going with close friends to cycle, drink beer, eat raw beef on deep-fried toast {or not} and explore this gorgeous old Czech city.