>Latest musings and happenings


Life has been very, very busy but thank goodness this last weekend was a bank holiday weekend. On bank holiday Monday we headed to Victoria to apply for our Indian visas {more about this another time} before heading to Brick Lane for an urban walk and a curry. Well we had never seen this part of town so quiet and deserted…it was eery and refreshing to be in a busy part of London when everyone was either still sleeping or out of town. We walked through some really concrete areas and some really quaint areas, shopped in the second-hand and vintage shops, and found a hot curry deal at a place called Mango. Lamb rogan josh can really make a day…mmm. We did some shopping and came home to relax, read books, eat cookies and just be together alone at home for a rare occassion.

On Tuesday I headed to Salisbury with Rachel, the owner of Luella’s Boudoir. We ate Chinese, browsed shops, visited the the Fisherton Mill and met with lovely Victoria Fergusson, one of our designers, in her home studio. I absolutely love Victoria and her home…it is full of interesting things and I particularly love her moon hare pictures and ceramics…oooh and her banana and chocolate cake.

We rushed back to London and I was only a few minutes late for my Screenprinting class at the Make lounge. I LOVED this class and had such fun learning about patterns and inks and how to combine both for a cool end result! I am going to make two cathedral print cushions, two scissor cushions {I am still going to stitch some text onto the fabric} and everyone seemed to love my crowned swallow tote bag so that was encouraging! I have so many patterns and designs in my head so will have to buy a screen, some inks, a squeegee and some cotton as soon as possible!

Last night, after a busy day at work, I hopped on a train to meet my love at Waterloo before heading to Leicester Square to meet special friends for dinner at a noodle bar and then the Queen’s theatre for Les Miserables. Oh my. This has been my favourite musical in London so far. It was absolutely brilliant, clever and breathtaking. If you have not been then this has to be something you do in this lifetime! It is the oldest musical in London and tells such an entwined and engaging story. I loved every minute…and remember my mum saying this was her favourite musical too.

{A very brief storyline: Les Mis is based on Victor Hugo’s epic novel, spanning two decades in the life of Jean Valjean: starting in a prison in Digne in France in 1815, moving to Montfermeil in 1823 and eventually getting to Paris in 1832. The relentless policeman Javert pursues escaped convict Jean Valjean for years through revolutionary France. Valjean becomes a respected factory owner and mayor in disguise, and he agrees to raise the daughter of beautiful, dying prostitute, Fantine, who sings “I Dreamed a Dream” {think Susan Boyle} and joins the fight for freedom. None of this impresses Javert – until Valjean saves his life. There is also a love triangle saga and I have to say Epinone is my favourite, and then of course the absolutely hilarious couple, the Th√©nardiers.}

So this has been a busy but lovely week…now to get some long overdue emails written!

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Welcome to my collection. I am a creative girl living in London, who loves the English language and all things design in equal measures...just how I like my hot chocolate and milk. This is where I keep a collection of my inspirations and thoughts, as well as examples of my writing and design work. I live on the Thames and I love donning wellies, making marmalade, reading lots of books and cooking, while writing, designing and making from my beautiful home.

One thought on “>Latest musings and happenings

  1. >Oh my…I think I would LIVE at The Make Lounge.. I want to make Knockout knickers! and a Metal snap frame purse! …make Hand-carved stamps, cards & tags…learn how to do Creative alterations.. learn Cupcake decorating: Swirls, sparkles & roses… and of course I've been DYING to do a screenprinting course — SO cool what you made! xx(its fitting that my word verification word for this post is 'geliz')

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