>Autumn moodboard

>The other day on my way to work I was kicking leaves in my brown leather brogues, and having such fun…it reminded me of living on a farm in the Drakensberg, South Africa, as a young girl. I used to collect leaves, press them, stencil them, rub over them, build big piles of them to jump in. I felt inspired for the first time in ages to make a collection and mood board. We can become so grown up and busy too quickly I have decided.

This is the perfect little treat to take with a thermos of tea and a picnic blanket to the park. Red velvet would be my choice. You?

This is the perfect time of year to knit…I love this photograph of ladies knitting in London. I think I might start a knitting group…go shopping for luxurious wool and then get the needles out {thanks to my friend Gina who gave me some very beautiful pairs that once belonged to her special grandmother who knitted up a storm}. Here is the said friend at her felting classes earlier this year…it looks like fun!

This time of year I usually clear out the email list and address book and send old friends postcards and make contact again…

I love this pistol ring. The metal reminds me of Autumn as it has the edginess of crisp, cool days.

A milky yet strong latte is the perfect start to an Autumn day. My love makes the best cuppa…

Autumn in London means three things: coat, scarf and gloves! I bought a gorgeous coat last season but am considering a second for this winter…Zara has a really fun selection. I especially love the shoulder pads and the Peter Pan coat.

I found Handpicked last week, a clever but not altogether pretty website for quirky gifts. My absolute favourite are these framed silhouettes.