>Travel excitement!

>We have made a plan to not think about things too much this year…we want to just travel, travel, TRAVEL and make bookings and go! These are some of our travel destinations thus far, dolls…

March: skiing in the Nevis Range, Scotland.

April: eleven days in Tuscany and walking the Cinque Terre, Italy.

May: Berlin for the Bank Holiday.

August: Driving around the island and a half-marathon in Sandown, Isle of Wight.

Yippee! x

>Love, walking and pie week

We have been in chilly England for almost three weeks, and although it is cold and windy, I keep on looking up through the trees and feel inspired by the silhouettes of the branches. Even more exciting, are the daffodil and tulips that are pushing through the ground and quietly telling us that dear Spring is on her way. I went walking along South Bank yesterday and then on to St James’s Park, which is looking very promising for April!

Yesterday was my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s last full day in London, so we picked the walks #32 and #34 out of this box of City Walks:London by Craig Taylor. It is a funky little box set that fits in your handbag. On a day when you think, “Hmmm, what to do today?” you can pick one, get your wellies or walking shoes and hit the streets of London town. With a brolly. It poured buckets but we loved the walk along South Bank {thought of you Gina!}, past the National Theatre, into Gabriel’s Wharf to Pieminster for yummy hot pies and gravy, even in the rain! Then we walked on to the Tate Modern for a hot chocolate with sweeping views of the Thames and glorious St Paul’s. We walked back all the way to London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of P, Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, the Mall, St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace. Whew. Nothing like popping past the Queen’s House. We deserved our Italian dinners before going to the Apollo Theatre near Victoria Sation to watch the musical, Wicked, which was brilliant and heartwearming and made me very happy that I am not green.

Speaking of Pieminster, they are a very cool pie company started out by two blokes who made good pies. Apparently even the Queen had them at her Christmas party and they have come out with this Royal Wedding pie for Kate and Wills. Oh yum. Better have one of these on the 29th April!

But then again we might be in Italy, not in England for the big royal wedding! We might take eleven days over Easter to explore Tuscany {dream**} and so I went to the library and got this “Italian for Beginners” kit. Very exciting bellas!

Oh, and on the subject of love and marriage, and pies, happy Valentine’s week. Here are some sweet love notes that I found somewhere online {sorry I can’t credit the creator!}. I am going to try my hand at cut-outs soon…

PS I am going to be changing the name of Shelley Sherbet and moving all of the content to either shelleyahrens.blogspot.com OR shelleyjaneahrens.blogspot.com. If you are a follower or reader or friend, and you can’t login to shelleysherbet anymore, then you know where I have gone. I am also starting a business, so will be telling and showing more of that soon. 2011 is an exciting one! For all of us.